dbus-sharp, dbus and Linux (Fedora Core 3)

Chris Patti cpatti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 11:20:51 PST 2005


I am trying to compile some Mono apps from source - the first being Tomboy.

Tomboy (and many other Mono apps) require dbus-sharp.

The version of dbus-sharp that's checked into the Mono Subversion
repository is WAY out of date, and falls over dead when you try to
build it with the current Mono.

So, here I am.

Is there any way I can compile just dbus-sharp to allow these Mono
apps to go, or do I have to rebuild my entire dbus from CVS?

I've checked it out, but am nervous about hosing my Fedora
installation, since it already uses DBUS as part of the Gnome desktop
and for various apps.

If a reinstall is the recommended course, can anyone recommend a
Fedora friendly ./configure invocation that will replace everything in
place and leave me with a working box?

Thanks for any clues;
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