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Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Sat Mar 26 10:51:13 PST 2005

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> Actually it is called starting services now and not activation but in
> 0.22 it is still called activation.  The dbus specification has all the
> info you need to know about activation.

I hadn't realised the specification was so useful for developers; I'll
make sure I read both versions thoroughly.

> Well here's the thing, not only are the glib bindings improved, they are
> actually useful in the latest DBus thanks to Colin Walters.  It is up to
> you what you want to target but it is my thought that unless the
> application is essential to the operation of a distribution any new
> development should be targeting the 0.3x series.

I'll definitely make sure it will easily be able to handle an upgrade to
0.3, and hopefully be able to support both at compile time. But I don't
think I can afford the luxury of dropping 0.22. Not only is that the
version that might be stuck in Debian stable, I'm also using
ROX-Session, and that still only supports the 0.2 series.

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