dbus technical spec needed

Dennis Heuer dh at triple-media.com
Mon Mar 28 04:14:49 PST 2005

Just to start right out. Installing and configuring dbus from scratch is still a mess because there is little to no documentation on problem solving for now. I please you that someone writes just a small technical specification that shows up the most crucial installation and configuration details and system dependencies. For example:

* where to best reside pid files and the rendevouz point
* what to definetly better configure at compile time **
* what further user or group accounts are relevant to run dbus, if any
* what devices must be accessible (like /dev/null)
* what min network configuration is necessary, if any
* what min or max rights must the necessary files, folders, and devices provide
* what are the best start options for 'dbus --system' and 'dbus -session' ***
* (possibly more)

** like the several paths, because dbus-monitor doesn't recognize later configuration changes in system.conf

*** for example: 'dbus-lauch dbus-daemon --system' starts fine with dbus privileges. hal, running with hald privileges, connects to the message bus without complaining and does some hd checks etc. dbus-monitor is able to find the message bus and print out some id stuff from any 'normal' user account. However, 'dbus-launch dbus-daemon --session' freezes with any privileges (even root--or, in that case, definetly?)

Please somebody help out with this really crucial information to be enabled to help oneself.


Dennis Heuer

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