Glib questions

Tuomas Peippo tume at
Mon Mar 28 11:36:05 PST 2005

I'm trying to code a simple client which connects to server which listens
to specific unix socket with dbus. Connection part works fine and I have
now connected to server with dbus_connection_open() and then added it to

The problem though is that all those dbus_g_proxy_* functions seems to
need DBusGConnection instead of DBusConnection which I now have. Only way
to get DBusGConnection is to use dbus_g_bus_get() or at least it seems to
me. But it can only connect to a some known bus.

It seems to be possible to get DBusConnection out of DBusGConnection but
not other way around?

I'm totally new to dbus so I'm sorry if I'm doing things totally wrong :)

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