python bindings match rules

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Mon May 23 09:35:34 PDT 2005

The current python bindings code is XXX'd with a re-think match rules comment. 

I'd like to see the match rules change to allow you to specify less 
information in the match rule, and still have the bindings trigger. For 
instance, a signal of 
would match something that had specified, say, 

The question is then which bits of the match rule should be compulsory? 
Should we allow a match on (type,sender,path,member),  
(type,interface,path,member) or even just (type,interface,member)? The 
last, for instance, would allow you to say "I don't care _who_ generates this 
signal, just let me know when it happens" - which would be needed if you 
have multiple applications that could generate a particular signal for a 
particular interface. (At least, that's how I understand this to work - 
gentle corrections are more than encouraged <wink>)

Comments welcome - if someone wants to give me some pointers as to how 
this should work, I can work up a patch for it. 

(j5: I assigned to you - 
it's a cleanup of the existing code)
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