committing current glib work

Colin Walters walters at
Mon May 30 07:23:57 PDT 2005


So I got together with Ross Burton and David here at GUADEC, we talked a
bit about the GLib bindings.  There's a huge patch outstanding
(referenced in this messages' parent).  I think the most important thing
before getting it committed was getting feedback from GLib people about
the g_type_specialized thing.  Discussion on gtk-devel-list seemed to
conclude it wasn't crazy.

Feedback from various consumers (HAL, NetworkManager, SessionServices)
is also important.  This is still somewhat pending, but I think in
order for them to experiment it'd be best to have it in CVS.

After it's committed, here's the updated TODO list:

Important for 1.0 GLib Bindings

 - Annotations for "do not take ownership of this return value" on server

 - Fix signals, add tests

 - Fix errors - need to get specific error back, not UnmappedError crap

 - DBusGProxy doesn't emit "destroy" when it should

Any opinions?  If no one objects I'll put it in the next week.  Of
course people trying the patch in the meantime is appreciated.

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