Re: ANNOUNCE: D-Bus 0.50 - "You run and you run to catch up with thesun, but itós sinking" is releas

Stephen Watson swatson at
Thu Sep 8 01:27:10 PDT 2005

"Stephen Watson" <swatson at> 07/Sep/2005 15:27:24 >>>
"John (J5) Palmieri" <johnp at> 07/Sep/2005 01:26:31 >>>
>>D-Bus version 0.50, "You run and you run to catch up with the sun,
>>but it's sinking", has been released. This is a minor release from
> tests for GTK 2.4 or later, but
>requires 2.6.

Also the python bindings try to include <sys/cdefs.h> which does not
exist on Solaris.

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