dbus-glib: attempting port from 0.20

earthworm at planetearthworm.com earthworm at planetearthworm.com
Tue Dec 12 02:35:38 PST 2006

I wrote the "ggoal" program a while back, it was handy, and I'd like
to resurrect it. Trouble is, its miles out of date. I gormed at the code
and autotools stuff for a while last night, but couldn't figure out
what was wrong. Basically, I was getting errors in the generated header
files, which makes me think they aren't being generated. Shouldn't
they be when I do "./autogen.sh && make"?


Anyway, I'm at a loss with this really, there is no real way to debug
these autools stuff, so if anyone could point me to changes made since
0.20 that are important, or take a look at the source tarball and give
me tips, that would be wonderful.

Is this out of date btw? I used this as my reference originally:


Many thanks for any help!


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