odd issue when running dbus-launch [cause found, but no fix found yet]

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Dec 17 23:16:48 PST 2006

Vulpes Velox wrote:
>> > Can you put a breakpoint in the fill_user_info function around the
>> > calls to getgrouplist and tell us what it is doing wrong? I can't
>> > spot the problem...
>> Found the issue.
>> Int ng is smaller than the number of groups a user is in. If I
>> increase it the problem goes away.
>It is not the best solution by the farthest, but it is slightly fixed
>by including sys/syslimits.h and setting ng to NGROUPS_MAX.
>This still sets a max upper limit though, but atleast sets it to what
>the system assumes it to be.

There's no variable named ng in dbus-sysdeps-unix.c

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