dbus glib win32

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Tue Dec 19 14:38:34 PST 2006


As I mentioned in the bug, at no point should any public API of dbus 
return the "dbus internal" fake file handle.

The public API may return *only* a defined Windows API object, such as:
  - a Windows HANDLE (function should probably be named get_handle())
  - a winsock socket (function should probably be named get_socket())

A function called get_fd() on Windows maybe would return the weird 
Windows POSIX-compat fd (as with _open() etc.) but I think it's better 
if it just does not work to call get_fd() on Windows, i.e. treat it as 
get_unix_fd(). Windows does not have file descriptors.


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