dbus upgrade issue

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Wed Dec 20 14:23:17 PST 2006


In case other distributions encounter this issue, I had a private 
conversation with Ray where he was going to try having a post-logout 
script that updated the config file instead of simply including a new 
config file. Ray maybe you should post whether this works and how you 
did it.

Also fwiw talked to Owen about this today (after he hit the bug) and his 
suggestion was the rename the file solution, specifically rename 
session.conf to session2.conf, ship both in the RPM, have session.conf 
be the backward-compatible one with a big comment in it "THIS CONFIG 
FILE IS IGNORED, USE session2.conf" and point the new dbus-daemon at 
session2.conf as the default config file. Owen felt that /usr/share 
wasn't right, citing fontconfig as another example where a config file 
is in /etc even though few local sites would change it.

A final thought today, does the selinux stuff really need to raise(HUP) 
? Is there no other way to tell the selinux lib to reload its config? 
Having to raise(HUP) seems pretty busted.


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