Connection Sequence

Pallavi Rao rao33pallavi at
Thu Dec 21 08:48:23 PST 2006

Please tell me if the communication sequence is still
exactly like this:
- app copies into DBusMessage
- libdbus copies DBusMessage to the socket
- bus daemon copies from socket to a DBusMessage
- then from DBusMessage into another socket
- other app copies from socket to DBusMessage


Also, what is the difference in the functionality of
libdbus and the dbus-daemon. As far as I know, daemon
is the running instance of libdbus, which other
applications use. Is this correct?

Is it possible to have a communication between just 2
applications on a computer, without having to look for
 the session or system bus(in which case, there should
be one more dbus running, which is neither a kind of
session bus nor system, rather just my own dbus).

Am I right in saying that the dbus-connections are
wrapped around unix domain or TCP/IP sockets. How far
is the implementation of dbus for
internet/multiple-machine stuff(considering second
point in the Introduction in DBus-Specification).

Thankyou for answers.

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