dbus upgrade issue

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 09:34:51 PST 2006

Ray Strode wrote:
> Hi,
>> > So we are instituting the policy of incrementing the file version 
>> number
>> > every time we add a new XML tag to it? Won't people find bizarre soon
>> > enough that our config file is called session36.conf?
>> >
>> It sounds like Ray is going to try the script thing first.
>> If we did rename the file, it would be a one-time thing (future daemons
>> will not exit when they fail to parse the file, so we should not need to
>> solve this problem again)
> So I assumed you were talking about a distro-specific hack when you
> mentioned the name change.  Are we thinking about changing it
> upstream?

I don't have a preconceived notion. If most other distributions aren't 
running into this, then there's probably no reason to change it 
upstream; it's not a hard patch to maintain in Fedora and should not 
cause cross-distribution compatibility issues. We could put a 
--with-session-config-file-name=FOO configure option upstream perhaps.

After FC5/FC6 are good and outdated the config file could even be 
renamed back to the nicer name.


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