[Fwd: Re: [gphoto-devel] EOS 350D capture]

oliver frommel oliver at firstfloor.org
Fri Dec 22 08:39:27 PST 2006

> For the shared session bus from dbus_bus_get():
> With old versions of dbus what you have to do is wait to get a 
> Disconnected signal, and then you can unref() in response to that signal.
> With new versions of dbus, you can unref at any time.
> You should never disconnect() in either version.
> So if you require dbus 1.0 you can unref() at any time, if you want to 
> work with an old dbus release you should only unref() when the 
> connection is disconnected in some way (which probably means you will 
> never unref)

Ok, so will I just leave the unref away for older versions.
Can you tell me which versions I need to consider?
Does not unref'ing the connection not leave any claimed ressources
in the dbus daemon?


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