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Thu Dec 21 09:46:09 PST 2006

Pallavi Rao wrote:
>Please tell me if the communication sequence is still
>exactly like this:
>- app copies into DBusMessage
>- libdbus copies DBusMessage to the socket
>- bus daemon copies from socket to a DBusMessage
>- then from DBusMessage into another socket
>- other app copies from socket to DBusMessage

Yes, that is correct.

>Also, what is the difference in the functionality of
>libdbus and the dbus-daemon. As far as I know, daemon
>is the running instance of libdbus, which other
>applications use. Is this correct?


The difference is that dbus-daemon works as a router. The application is 
connected to the dbus-daemon, but the daemon is connected to many 
different applications. So "socket" in the second-to-last line of your 
description above is not necessarily the same socket in the line above 
from it.

>Is it possible to have a communication between just 2
>applications on a computer, without having to look for
> the session or system bus(in which case, there should
>be one more dbus running, which is neither a kind of
>session bus nor system, rather just my own dbus).

Yes. That's the peer-to-peer communication of D-Bus.

>Am I right in saying that the dbus-connections are
>wrapped around unix domain or TCP/IP sockets. How far
>is the implementation of dbus for
>internet/multiple-machine stuff(considering second
>point in the Introduction in DBus-Specification).

D-Bus is completely unsuitable for Internet communication. It's not 
encrypted and it's not authenticated. And we have no plans to address 
that issue in the short-term. My own idea is to delegate that function to 
the app.

If you need multiple-machine busses, you need a dbus-daemon listening on a 
TCP socket.
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