Perl bindings release - Net::DBus 0.33.1

Daniel P. Berrange dan at
Fri Feb 3 08:32:09 PST 2006

An updated release of the Perl Net::DBus bindings, version 0.33.1 is now
available from CPAN at:

With online browsable documentation at:

This release should work with all versions of DBus betwween 0.33.0 and 0.60
I explicitly test on Fedora Core 4 releases at this time. Contrary to my
initial fears, the API changes in DBus 0.60 turned out to *not* cause any
problems for the Perl bindings.

NB, the minimum required DBus version was *increased* in this release to
be 0.33.0 or later (compared to the previous minimum of 0.32.0). This
was required to gain access to the 'unregister_object_path' method.

Bullet point list of changes is:

The long answer is....

The primary feature enhancement in this release is to add APIs to allow
exported objects to be unexported from the bus & garbage collected. This
makes it possible to write more interesting applications which create
and destroy objects in the fly. To unexport an object from the bus, one
simply invokes the 'disconnect' method on the corresponding instance of
Net::DBus::Object, after which point no further messages will be received 
by that object. As noted above, this new feature neccessitated increasing
the minimum required version of DBus to 0.33

The second important aspect of this release is some major work on the POD
API documentation, cleaning up errors identified by the 'Pod::Checker' and 
'Test::Pod' modules). In addition all previously undocumented APIs now have 
at least some limited form of documentation, and the test suite verifies 
100% POD coverage via the Test::Pod::Coverage module.

Finally 10 minutes after releasing this, chatting on #dbus, I discovered
there are int16 & uint16 data types wire defined for the DBus wire
format. Somehow, I've managed to miss their existance all this time,
so if you try to use the Perl to interact with a service using int16
or uint16 you'll hit problems. This will be fixed next time around...

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