Using D-BUS with GLib and no dbus-daemon

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Wed Feb 15 07:32:21 PST 2006

I remember Colin telling me he had added support to the glib bindings to
get a server connection (i.e. act as a standalone server).  I'm not
totally sure how to do that and I am pretty sure there is no example
code.  Not sure if that helps but perhaps it can direct you to a

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 07:16 -0800, James Kent wrote:
> First, an introduction.  My name is Jim Kent.  I work for PalmSource and have been investigating various IPC technologies to use as part of an application framework we're developing.
> One thing I've been investigating is using D-BUS with GLib for peer-to-peer communication between processes (i.e. with no dbus-daemon).
> I've got code working that sets up the server and client connections using the D-BUS low-level public API calls.  In other words, each process has a DBusConnection*.  The problem I'm having is that in order to call dbus_g_proxy_new_for_peer, I need a DBusGConnection*, not a DBusConnection*.  I've poked around in the source and found the macro DBUS_CONNECTION_TO_G_CONNECTION that does this, so I can make this work, but the macro is not exposed in the installed headers, so its obviously not expected to be used to do this.
> Is there some API I've missed that allows me to get a DBusGConnection* for my peer to peer client and server?
> If someone has the D-BUS/GLib statemachine sample code modified to work with direct connections between the client and server, that would be ideal.  If not, any help is appreciated.
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