Segfault when running mono examples from CVS

Rémi Cardona remi.cardona at
Wed Feb 15 11:25:58 PST 2006

Hi all,

I'm having segfault I'm having with the mono dbus bindings examples 
taken from's cvs.

I modified the Makefile to build without having to checkout the entire 
dbus module and things mostly work fine :
  - BusListener.exe sees everything that happens
  - EchoServer.exe replies to EchoClient.exe and all output works fine ...

But EchoClient.exe segfaults when quitting (see below for console output).

Hope you can help me trace this issue.


Rémi Cardona

Note, this is done using mono- and dbus-0.60, both with gentoo 
patches (don't really know if they are significant)


remi at atmos ~/Projets/dbus/mono/example $ mono EchoClient.exe
Reply: Hello world!

Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.


in <0x4> (wrapper managed-to-native) 
System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_try_enter (object,int)
in <0xffffffb3> (wrapper managed-to-native) 
System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_try_enter (object,int)
in <0x13> System.Threading.Monitor:Enter (object)
in <0xffffffe5> (wrapper synchronized) DBus.Service:remove_SignalCalled 
in <0x15> Foo.Echoer.Proxy:Finalize ()
in <0x50e76e78> (wrapper runtime-invoke) 
System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr,intptr,intptr)

Native stacktrace:

         mono(mono_handle_native_sigsegv+0xc0) [0x8150ab0]
         mono [0x813cf6b]
         mono [0x80e7de5]
         mono [0x81522d1]
         mono [0x8152f74]
         mono [0x80b0aa9]
         mono [0x81025a7]
         mono [0x81100b3]
         /lib/ [0xb7e45380]
         /lib/ [0xb7db1d3e]
remi at atmos ~/Projets/dbus/mono/example $

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