0.61 release iminent

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at trolltech.com
Thu Feb 16 06:11:01 PST 2006

Robert McQueen wrote:
>I've now emptied my queue of bugfixes and feature patches at the moment,
>so with my low-level, glib and python hats on, I think we're good to
>release. If any other binding maintainers/hackers have got patches
>pending they'd like included (particularly Thiago, do you want to land
>your Qt4 merge?), speak soon. I think we'd all like to see all of the
>bug-fixes out in the wild ASAP.

The code is in CVS, on the main branch. I've also updated the configure 
scripts and added some of my own selftests to the testing directory. This 
has bumped up the required version of Qt to 4.1.0 and it links to QtXml 

The functionality that was present before is preserved and the new 
functionality is 95% complete, but it's not release-quality. There's a 
lot of documentation missing and we're still missing one major 
functionality and two tools to create C++ interfaces from the XML 
description (even though the parser is already in the library itself).

I also haven't written a ChangeLog entry.

So, I'm not sure what to say. I've got many a bugfix in and I've enhanced 
the type-marshalling code, so people will benefit from the new version. 
But, as I said, it's still a few weeks away from release quality.

PS: for documentation, I need a different Doxygen module. The 
documentation generated by Doxygen makes no sense unless we turn off 
Thiago José Macieira - thiago.macieira AT trolltech.com
Trolltech AS - Sandakerveien 116, NO-0402 Oslo, Norway
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