splitting off bindings [was: Re: patch to TODO]

Rémi Cardona remi.cardona at free.fr
Thu Feb 16 16:11:57 PST 2006

Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 03:50 +0200, Robert McQueen wrote:
>> Mono seems totally dead to the world (although recently Adam Lofts on
>> IRC has been talking about a new set of bindings which he's working on)
> The mono bindings should definitely be removed from the tree as they've
> gone untouched since I stopped working on them several months ago.
> The current bindings are slow and incredibly difficult to follow.  Not
> to mention they don't follow the Mono style guidelines. :)  They were a
> good first pass at the problem, but essentially they need to be
> rewritten.

So all in all, the only dbus bindings that work with a scripting 
language are the python and perl ones. Compiled languages include C/C++ 
(glib and qt) and java. All the other are either clunky or abandonned (I 
went looking for ruby bindings before trying out the mono ones, they 
don't work with dbus > 0.30 ...)

Couldn't something like swig be used to help bindings devs? Or a big 
call for help to find new maintainers? If both gnome and kde start to 
heavily rely on dbus for their operations, it might be interesting to 
push for a wider adoption of dbus in other languages.


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