Introspect documentation for methods, signals, properties

Rohan McGovern at
Thu Feb 16 19:30:33 PST 2006


I think it would be beneficial if DBUS had a standard way of providing 
short documentation strings on methods, signals and properties in 
introspect data.  This would avoid the kind of problem DCOP suffers from, 
where a KDE application can have literally 100+ methods available, but to 
find out what they actually _do_, a user has to either make a guess based 
on the method's signature, or look at the source code of the program.

It seems that this could easily be done by defining a new well-known 
annotation, say 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Description' or similar.  Then a 
DBUS service browser program could easily convey this information to the 
user.  What do you guys think?

It might also be nice to change the DTD to allow annotations on 
method/signal arguments.  Combined with the above suggestion, each input 
and output to a method could then be documented in a standard way.

Your thoughts, please :-)

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