DBusGProxy as parent gobject

Ricardo Kekki ricardo.kekki at movial.fi
Mon Jan 2 00:44:20 PST 2006

I'm writing a DBus client library that uses dbus-binding-tool generated
files. For implementing additional features to the client library I use
my own GObject that would benefit from being derived from the
DBusGProxy. As I see it makes sence to be able use calls like:
telepathy_connectionmanager_connect(DBUS_G_PROXY(my_object), params...);

I found out that also the DBusGProxy implementation blocks the use of
it's inheritance. It needs to be patched to use properties also for the
internal DBusGProxyManager. At the moment the proxy->manager is handled
in a way that breaks the inheritance and the use of g_object_new for


Havoc Pennington wrote:

>Can you tell us about what you're doing and why you want to derive from

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