Tracking users/sessions on the console

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Fri Jan 13 02:03:06 PST 2006

David Zeuthen wrote:
> Thus.. I'm just not sure I can see the point in rewriting a policy
> daemon for the system-wide case when there are so many benefits of
> reusing the one we have for the desktop. In fact, I can't see why one
> would ever write a policy daemon not using this scheme unless it's not
> configurable at all. And.. for power management.. surely Solaris desktop
> users will need to tweak preferences, don't you think they'll need
> something like this
Just curious, but how would something like this work on a system that 
has no desktop?
Or like was said before on a system with multiple desktops?

I understand that in each case you could have a specific frontend 
application to change settings (command line, gconf, whatever) but how 
do system-wide deamons get their settings if there´s no system-wide 
configuration store? (gconf is gome-specific and bound to its desktop 
environment, isn't it?)


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