Targetted signals

Ross Burton ross at
Wed Jun 7 07:37:47 PDT 2006


This has come up before but I don't think there was a good resolution to
it, and now that DBus 1.0 is drawing closer I think it needs a good
answer.  Can signals be send to a specific address, or are they always
broadcast to all interested parties?

For example, if :1.2 and :1.3 both have relevant matchers to receive
this signal:

  message = dbus_message_new_signal ("/foo", "FooInterface", "Bar");

Will doing this:

  dbus_message_set_destination (message, ":1.2");

Cause the signal to be sent to both :1.2 and :1.3 (destination is
ignored, signals are sent to all interested clients), or just :1.2?
(destination if set is respected)?

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