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9 июня 2006 21:12 | John (J5) Palmieri:
> You don't connect to a service, you connect and disconnect to a bus.
> Disconnect only gets sent to the service which disconnects.  The bus
> handles connections so there is no corresponding signal.  You can listen
> to NameOwnerChanged.
> So the question is how do I detect incoming connections to a service?
> Well when you get a message you've got an incoming connection.  What I
> suspect you want to do is create a lookup table and populate it with
> unique names from the clients that send messages to you.  You then want
> to listen for NameOwnerChanged on the unique names in your lookup (if
> the name is already in the table you don't want to add another
> listener).  When you handle a NameOwnerChanged signal and the name drops
> off the bus (new_name == NULL) you want to take it out of your lookup
> table.

Thanks a lot, I'm beginning to understand better the whole thing.

Actually the real question for me is how to make service (well, it's called 
services still) unloading. Services can be autostarted by D-Bus and that is 
really a great thing, but there is no way for automatic unloading of them 
when they're not needed anymore.

For example, we might have something sort of a shared library available as a 
set D-Bus objects and want to load it with first app using it (and that is 
possible today), but unload it when last application using it will close 
it's D-Bus connection (so it doesn't waste precious memory). 

But NameOwnerChanged watching might actually be solution, although it will 
require more "intellectual" and even "spying" :) services.

Again, thanks a lot!

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