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Roman I Khimov roman at
Fri Jun 9 13:45:59 PDT 2006

9 июня 2006 23:42 | Havoc Pennington:
> Roman I Khimov wrote:
> > For example, we might have something sort of a shared library available
> > as a set D-Bus objects and want to load it with first app using it (and
> > that is possible today), but unload it when last application using it
> > will close it's D-Bus connection (so it doesn't waste precious memory).
> The simplest approach if it works is to just exit after a timeout (if
> not used for a couple minutes, then exit). If you set things up right
> dbus will autostart it again if someone tries to use it.

Yep, I've thought of that. Really the simplest solution, but it may hurt 
responsiveness. We'll see what's better for us, thanks anyway.

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