Object attributes on the bus

Luigi Paioro luigi at lambrate.inaf.it
Mon Jun 12 02:17:28 PDT 2006


I'd like to know whether is it possible to put an object on the bus 
enabling the access to its attributes. For example (Python):

class HelloObject(dbus.service.Object):

   def __init__(self, bus_name, object_path='/example/HelloObject'):
     self.name = 'Hello Object'
     self.version = 1.5

   def hello(self):
     print "Hello from: ", self.name

OK, while of such object I can use the method hello() ('cause I have an 
interface), I cannot access to the attributes self.name and self.version 
directly, but I must provide two methods which retrieve them (getName() 
and getVersion() for example). I'm right? Or does it exist a way to 
interface the attributes of an object?

Thank you.


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