Namespace and Schema concerning Introspection Data Format

Frans Englich englich at
Mon Jun 12 14:08:28 PDT 2006

Hello DBus-developers,

At best, I know little about DBus. I hope you have oversight for my lack of 
insight. Nevertheless, I took a quick look at your XML related things, and 
here are my suggestions:

* Put the Introspection Data Format in an XML namespace. When one thinks 
closer about this, one notices that all major vocabularies already is in a 
namespace, be it XHTML, SVG, Open Document or XSL-T -- the list goes on. The 
reason, is to play nice with other formats, to be able to mix and embed 
different formats. Doing it for the Introspection Data Format is hence 
proofing for future developments, such as embedding documentation.

What should the namespace be? Without a deeper discussion, I would suggest a 
HTTP scheme. What it would be more exactly, would depend on on how namespaces 
for is designed in order to organize the website, ensure 
persistance, and so on.

* Specify the format in W3C XML Schema(WXS) instead of a DTD. The reasons are 
- You can more strongly validate and express your intent. Say, an attribute 
containing a name can be validate with a regexp, an element can have the 
content of a positive integer or a boolean, and stronger control on the 
- WXS is modularized, and has object oriented principles. For example, you can 
inherit or in some other way reuse a type defined in another schema(and vice 
- There exists binding generators for WXS, which could make it easier for some 
communities to adopt DBus.



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