question on <auth> and .dbus_keyrings

Mark S. Townsley mstownsley at
Fri Jun 23 15:19:43 PDT 2006

Dear All:

I am new to dbus.  So please excuse me if this is somewhat of a newbie

I am on a linux box.    I have a dbus server program and a dbus client
program running.  They need to talk
via the dbus daemon and send stuff back and forth (mostly calling remote
And I am requesting the DBUS_BUS_SYSTEM when getting connections.

If they are run by the same user, everything seems to be fine.  However, I
need the server program to be
owned by root and client process owned by nobody.
Then I notice that the client process complains about not able to connect in
specified time.
Upon further looking, it seems to be stumbling on <auth> authentication
stuff (rejecting both EXTERNAL and COOKIE_SHAR1.  It also seem to ry to gain
access to /root/.dbus-keyrings.

I cannot find any documentation on how to configure authentication and also
what goes into .dbus-keyrings.
Can someone point me to a good documentation on how authentication works in
Or how does that .dbus-keyrings directory works?


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