[D-Bus] cross-compiling qt bindings of dbus 0.62

Roberto Farina farina at cefriel.it
Wed Jun 28 07:57:57 PDT 2006

The patch I attached to my first email modifies qdbusbus.moc.
In that file, line 108, there's the following

QDBusReply<> _r = reloadConfig()

If compiled with a 3.4 toolchain everything goes fine; with a 3.3 one,
this raises a syntax error.
Modifying in

QDBusReply<void> _r = reloadConfig()

everything goes fine.

I think this is due to a different handling of templates between the two

Summing up, the errors I ran into are:
- the ones related to qdbusbus.moc;
- wrong linking against expat

I had to go manually in bus directory and change Makefile in this way

DBUS_BUS_LIBS = -L<my path> -lexpat

while the one produced by the configure script reports

DBUS_BUS_LIBS = -lexpat

- test failures during configure
abstract socket namespace

Best regards

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Roberto Farina wrote:
>> Yes,
>> I hacked the configure script and changed min_qt_version from 4.1.3 to
>> 4.1.0.
>> Are you saying that upgrading to 4.1.3 everything runs fine?
> Yes. I ran into that problem when working on the code and fixed moc 
> instead of working around.
>> I'm expecting the problem with qdbusbus is due on how the toolchains
>> manages templates. Compiling the same code on my host machine with a
>> 3.4.x toolchain everything goes fine; with the 3.3.x cross toolchain
>> syntax errors appear.
>> This sounds to me as a compiling problem rather than a linking problem.
> What qdbusbus errors?

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