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Mark S. Townsley mstownsley at
Thu Jun 29 10:25:16 PDT 2006

So I just quickly hacked up a server/client application that would just send
some texts from client to server.   I am using the system bus.

My actual application and this test application live on the same box so
using the same dbus daemon and system.conf file.

My little test works even though I setuid the client to nobody and tried
running as various users.  My server process is run as root.    This is
while my actual application, with a similar setup, does not work.

I did an strace on both actual app and this test app.

The difference I see is that on the test app,  AUTH EXTERNAL receives an OK.
But on my actual app, AUTH EXTERNAL and AUTH DBUS_COOKIE are both rejected
(hence failed to connect).

And since they are using the same system.conf, whatever I have in there
should allow both situations to work.

Is there anything else that AUTH XXX relies on so that it accept

I am using dbus_bus_get() and dbus_bus_get_private()  to connect to the
system bus.


On 6/29/06, Havoc Pennington <hp at> wrote:
> Mark S. Townsley wrote:
> >
> >
> > So I am still having the same errors.  My server is root.  As long as
> > the client is
> > root, they connect just fine.  If the client is run as someone else, I
> > get "No reply within specified time".
> > And both server and client live in the same machine so there should not
> > be any firewall.
> I mean firewall metaphorically, the firewall-like rules within the bus.
> > When is user="*" applicable?
> Always, but it only controls connection. The error you're seeing can be
> caused by a security policy that blocks the outgoing message or its reply.
> The verbose log from the bus when you get the error would probably help.
> Post it to the list if it doesn't make sense to you...
> Havoc
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