system.conf question

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Jun 29 10:58:24 PDT 2006

Mark S. Townsley wrote:
> They aren't running as the same user.

I mean, the test app and the nonworking app running as the same user, 
not bus and app.

> Server is running as root but client is setuid to someone else (mostly 
> nobody).
> Is there a doc somewhere that explains how DBUS authentication works?
> Does the authentication module handles setuid bit well? 
> I don't see anything being mentioned in the C API nor in the doc.

For detailed questions you are best off just reading the source code. I 
posted a little overview of the auth process yesterday or so in reply to 
another thread.

I would definitely spend some time thinking about how your test app and 
real app could be different, and start there.


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