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Marcin marcino_l at
Thu Mar 2 05:46:03 PST 2006

It is posible to add method to existing interface?
For example, I have 3 classes:


class ObjectService(dbus.service.Object):
	def __init__(self):
		dbus.service.Object.__init__(self, self.__createService(),  

	def __createService(self):
		return dbus.service.BusName('com.ObjectService.Service',  

	def methodS(self):
		print 'Hello from ObjectService class'

class WithinObject:
	def __init__(self):

	def methodW(self):
		print 'Hello from WittinObject class ', WithinObject.serv

class Listener:
	def __init__(self):
		self.sevice = ObjectService()
		wobj = WithinObject()

If I creating object of calss WithinObject the object should add a method  
"methodW" do interface 'com.ObjectService.Interface', but it doesn't work.  
What should I do? How should the class WithinObject be written?

Thanks for help.


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