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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at trolltech.com
Thu Mar 9 04:27:04 PST 2006

Robert McQueen wrote:
>Problems with this approach:
>1. Your session bus may never go away.
>2. You need to set good permissions on .dbus-session or people can steal
>your bus address and cookie, and connect to it.
>3. The file should be named including the hostname to avoid confusion if
>your home directory if shared between machines.
>4. It's racy, two shells that log in at the same time can choose to
>start two buses at the same time, and then it's up to fate which one is
>"the" bus.
>5. If you *do* log in to a session that starts a bus, you'll get a
>seperate one.

This breaks the concept of "session" bus.

What you described is actually a "user" bus. All sessions share the same 

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