configuring DBUS with expat

Rohit Chaudhri rohit.chaudhri at
Thu Mar 9 17:28:10 PST 2006

I want to configure DBUS to use the expat XML library, however when
configuring I donot know how to specify the location of the expat
libraries & header files so the configuration fails. I'm able to
configure dbus for libxml by setting the PKG_CONFIG environment
variable, what should I do for expat?
Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH appripriately doesn't help (not even sure if
its supposed to). My expat library & include files are located in a
different directory than where I am configuring dbus.
Currently I've built dbus with expat by first generating the makefiles
for libxml and then editing all the makefiles :(. However since I'm
not sure yet what exact configuration I need to run configure multiple
times, so want to figure out the correct way to configure dbus for
expat, rather than edit the Makefiles everytime.


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