Patch to make DBus services directory path configurable at compile time and store it's location as an explicit variable in dbus's pkg-config file

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Mar 16 15:08:41 PST 2006


I understand the purpose of putting the services dir in the .pc file,
but what is the rationale for making it configurable in
People can just edit the session.conf and .pc file if they want to
change it (also, why would they want to change it at all). Anyhow, in
general I see no point in adding config file elements to,
just edit the config file. That's what config files are for.

I think it'd be important to name the pkg-config variable something with
"session" in it.

My view on the session.conf file issue is that changing that isn't
really supported; it's only in the config file to support "nonstandard"
bus instances, or possibly someone might have the session bus look
in /opt or something in a local installation.


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