System and Session Bus

Oliver Frommel ofrommel at
Mon Mar 20 09:55:07 PST 2006

> Not the text editor maybe, but:
> > - most sound software (USB audio and midi devices)
> > - software for digital cameras
> > - video editing software (IEEE1394)
> >
> > In these cases I would connect the application to the system bus
> > and register them for events of the appropriate devices of the
> > Hal service. Additionally I would have to connect to the
> > session bus to make the applications scriptable or exchange
> > data with cooperating applications.
> Yes but there exists libhal which is a library that abstracts out
> communication with hal trough DBus for the API user, so there is no need to
> connect to the session bus by yourself; instead you can make use of libhal,
> and don't need to deal with DBus directly at all there. There is also
> libhal-storage, which is a separate library with an even simpler interface
> since storage handling is a very common use case when using HAL.

That's interesting. From what I read I figured it was the
other way round: that you make use of D-Bus to access HAL.


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