dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block and unrelated messages

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at trolltech.com
Sun May 28 13:51:41 PDT 2006

Havoc Pennington wrote:
>The basic intent is that anytime you have dbus read from the socket
>(which would include all blocking functions, and an explicit
>dbus_connection_read_write), you need to check the dispatch status prior
>to returning to poll/select.
>So the above is one approach, you can also use get_dispatch_status() or
>the set_dispatch_status_func() as two ways to get the dispatch status
>without having to actually dispatch. The dispatch_status_func is called
>in all kinds of crazy contexts so I would be sure to only _queue_
>dispatch in there, don't try to actually dispatch or the reentrancy will
>get dangerous.

Thanks, that clarifies things. I see only one other place that will 
require me to queue a dispatch.

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