DBus Portability

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sat Nov 4 10:27:46 PST 2006

Peter Clifton wrote:
> I was wondering if someone could provide a summary of what OS' DBus is
> known to work well under / where any issues may lie with portability.
> I am pleased to see BSD support is coming along (I need my work to be
> portable into BSD for it to get into the application's core, however I
> don't use BSD myself)
> I also need Solaris support, and someone even mentioned Windows. I see
> the windbus project, but it isn't immediately obvious if it is at a
> stage where it will work out of the box.

dbus will either work on any UNIX-like OS or can be made to work without 
a lot of effort.

There are no fundamental problems with Solaris or BSD, dbus has been 
built on those many times, though the build breaks from time to time for 
minor reasons.

Anyway, it's as portable as any other typical unix app/library basically.

The Windows version still needs a fair bit of work AFAIK, maybe someone 
working on it can give an update. There is nothing conceptually hard 
about it however. I imagine it could probably be finished up in a week 
or so of full-time effort.


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