SIGBUS using DBUS library on ARM

Doug Goldstein cardoe at
Tue Nov 7 16:01:48 PST 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Frédéric DALLEAU wrote:
>> #0  _dbus_marshal_write_basic (str=0x11090, insert_at=0, type=12,
>>     value=0xbef33cfe, byte_order=108, pos_after=0xbef33cdc)
>>     at dbus-marshal-basic.c:817
>> #1  0x4013d678 in _dbus_type_writer_write_basic_no_typecode (
>>     writer=0x4013d678, type=0, value=0xbef33cfe)
>>     at dbus-marshal-recursive.c:1586
>> #2  0x4013d760 in _dbus_type_writer_write_basic (writer=0xbef33ccc,
>> type=110,
>>     value=0xbef33cfe) at dbus-marshal-recursive.c:2291
>> #3  0x40141854 in dbus_message_iter_append_basic (iter=0xbef33cc4,
>> type=110, value=0xbef33cfe) at dbus-message.c:2134
>> #4  0x000085c8 in main (argc=69776, argv=0x0) at dbuscrash.c:9
> The value pointer is 0xbef33cfe, which is 2-aligned. Can you give us some 
> pointers on how ARM processors must align their data?
> PS: make sure you compile dbus without optimisation.
> PPS: please keep the list in CC.

I'm not an ARM guy at all but a Gentoo user was having a similar issue
that resulted in being a memory alignment. He couldn't re-produce it on
gcc 3.x series but could with 4.1 if he had optimization. He said gcc
4.2 with -fsee corrected his issue. He was using the following ABI:

I've CC'd him and hopefully he can contribute some more.

Doug Goldstein <cardoe at>

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