dbus/tools dbus-monitor.c,1.16,1.17

John (J5) Palmieri johnp at redhat.com
Wed Nov 8 09:04:14 PST 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 11:49 -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> >
> > I discussed it on IRC.  There wasn't anything monumental in the patch
> > and it looked generally useful to get in.
> >
> OK, but can you post some background now that it's in? ;-)
> Havoc

The patch adds a --profile switch and the default --monitor.  --monitor
works like previous.  --profile prints out the output of timeofday along
with the message attributes.  Collabora is using this to profile D-Bus
calls and are writing a suite of tools to visualize the output.

A patch is forthcoming (which will be posted on the list) to fix the
method return and error messages not being caught by eavesdropping
rules.  That one will be a little more invasive so most likely will have
to wait until 1.0.1.  A workaround is to edit the session.conf and add
{send,receive}_requested_reply rules.

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at redhat.com>

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