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Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Nov 9 04:51:03 PST 2006

10function wrote:
>Hello Again !
>I was interrested by the effect of environment variables on both
> dbus-daemon and libdbus users (client/services). I quickly extracted
> from the code some calls to getenv or dbus_getenv as shown :
[snip, quoting garbled the output]
>May be i miss something and will get a RTFM for this, but appart the
> DBUS_MALLOC ones , i don't remind of having seen description and/or
> admissible values for these environment variables :

Most of those that you got are not found in non-debug builds. And somehow 
you seemed to miss the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS one.

>DBUS_STARTER_BUS_TYPE	: Path to the BUS, Set before activation of a
> service ? 

It's set by dbus-daemon when starting a service so that it knows which bus 
type started it (system or session). Should be documented.

>DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS	: 0 or 1, effect unknown 

Turns warnings into errors. Completely internal to the implementation.

>DBUS_VERBOSE		: 0 or 1, enable verbosity ?

Aye, only present on debug builds, internal to the implementation.




Only if tests are enabled, completely internal, no need to document.

>DBUS_MALLOC_FAIL_NTH	: Number of failures
>DBUS_MALLOC_FAIL_GREATER_THAN : Maximum allocation size
>DBUS_MALLOC_BACKTRACES	: 0 or 1 : Keep backtrace of allocations ?

All of those are enabled only on test builds and are also completely 

>DBUS_DEBUG_OUTPUT	: 0 or 1, enable debug output ?

No, not really. It keeps stderr open on forking/execing new processes. 
Whether they will output anything, it's another issue. See DBUS_VERBOSE.

Aside from that, it's really a non-user issue.


Used for debug builds to cause the program to sleep for a while when an 
abortion occurs, so you can attach GDB to it (as opposed to inspecting a 
post-mortem core dump)

>TMPDIR/TMP/TEMP		: Temporary dirs. used for what ?

For temporary files, like the session socket. These are used by multiple 


Only used in test buids. No need to document.

>If someone can complete this list and describe the effect and admissible
> values , i think this could be added to the official documentation.

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