A way to get sender's PID ?

Thorsten Koch tkoch at bomail.europe.nokia.com
Fri Nov 10 06:07:59 PST 2006

Am Freitag, 10. November 2006 14:27 schrieb ext Thiago Macieira:
> Now, why does it matter which PID it is? Are you doing some external
> verification (i.e., you're receiving the PID to be compared to in another
> channel)?

Hi and thanks for the answer !

I was not sure whether GetConnectionUnixProcessID() does the right think for 
my purpose. I thought that it would only be able to get the PID of a 
connection between two parties if there's a PID. Sorry, but I didn't find any 
documents which describe what's going on behind the scene of DBUS. But if I 
can get with that method the PID of the caller of a remote method than it 
will be fine.

To your question:
What I wanna do is to map the caller to the callee - means their PIDs in order 
to establish a calltree.

Thanks again,

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