Synchronous calls to the same mainloop

Havoc Pennington hp at
Fri Nov 10 11:15:05 PST 2006

uwesmail2005-lkml at wrote:
>> A larger answer might be one of the "call stack ID" kind of ideas,
>> but 
>> nobody has really tried to figure out in detail how that would work, 
>> what API and protocol changes would be involved, etc.
> Am I nobody? You have even answered me on one of these "call stack ID"
> ideas. The answer on the protocol change was "later" even when it was
> in TODO (Line 100 then). I have tried to work out *exactly* what
> would be involved: No API change in lib, Some easily compatible change
> in mainloop implementation (could even make easier mainloop
> integration)
> and a change in Protocol where I don't know how compatible that is
> because I didn't find any protocol spec.

I'm sorry, but I haven't understood your proposals, so I haven't been 
able to reply. They are for whatever reason not clear enough to me; try 
putting it in terms of a patch to the dbus spec, perhaps.

The protocol spec is on the dbus website, if you google for "dbus 
protocol spec" it is the first result. It's also in the dbus cvs 
checkout or tarball under doc/dbus-specification.xml.


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