dbus-java bindings release

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Mon Nov 13 05:03:46 PST 2006

I have made a release of the D-Bus Java bindings, now updated for the
release version of D-Bus and incorporating a lot of other fixes and

All the major API features are now known to be working and so hopefully
the API should now remain constant.

The release is tagged 1.10 in git:

or downloadable as a tarball:

The changelog is attached and documentation is supplied in the release
or available at http://dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/dbus-java/.

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions or code,


Matthew Johnson
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Version 1.10:

	* fix URLs to point to fdo 
	* check for signal path validity in Java
	* fix NameAcquired spelling
	* check array lengths and name lengths
	* support method calls with empty interfaces
	* support for non-activating remote objects
	* remove errant debug statemant left in 1.9
	* Fix List<List<Integer>> bug spotted by Remi Emonet
	  <remi.emonet -at- inrialpes -dot- fr>
	* Fix OBJECT_PATH handling; bug spotted by Remi Emonet
	  <remi.emonet -at- inrialpes -dot- fr>
	* added getRemoteObject and getPeerRemoteObject methods with
	  introspection support to guess interfaces.
	* changed introspection to recurse over the exported object tree
	  and show sub-objects.
	* compare maps unordered in tests; spotted by Simon McVittie 
	  <simon -dot- mcvittie -at- collabora -dot- co -dot- uk>
	* implement UInt64 with BigInteger to allow full-range UInt64s
	* fix $ in introspection data for nested interfaces
	* fix the required dbus version in the docs
	* can now send DBUS_TYPE_SIGNATURE as Type[]
	* rewrite Variant handling to work with complex types
	* add $JAVA_HOME/include and $JAVA_HOME/include/linux to CFLAGS
	  (Fix from Joshua Nichols <nichoj -at- gentoo -dot- org>)
	* remove unneccessary build warnings
	  (Fix from Joshua Nichols <nichoj -at- gentoo -dot- org>)
	* seperate install and install-doc targets
	  (Suggested by Ralf Kistner <ralf.kistner -at- gmail -dot- com>)
	* add -fno-stack-protector flag (only for gcc 4.1 or later)
	  (Suggested by Ralf Kistner <ralf.kistner -at- gmail -dot- com>)
	* Revamp tuples
	* Build without DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE set
	* fix LDFLAGS to work properly with --as-needed
	  (Suggested by TFKyle)
	* Update CreateInterface to new API
	* More speed fixes with type introspection
	* Add README and INSTALL files
	* Change wrappers to point to installed locations

Version 1.9:

	* Map and List handling optimisations 
	* Struct optimisations
	* Canonicalise D-Bus spelling in documentation
	* Update documentation
	* Implement cross-bindings test suite
	* add getPeerRemoteObject method
	* add addSigHandler methods which filter on sender and path
	* Signal handling optimisations
	* deprecating service in favour of bus name. Deprecated registerService in
	  favour of requestBusName

Version 1.8:

	* stop dvips printing on wierd systems
	* Doc patches from Dick Hollenbeck <dick -at- softplc -dot- com>
	* reduce TIMEOUT to 1ms and check for outbound messages in the JNI; reduces
	  RTT from 100ms to ~1ms
	* Remove two java collections which were doing a lot of allocation and
	  deallocation and replace with data structures based on arrays.
	* add removeSigHandler method
	* add profiling application
	* handle incoming & outgoing native array types natively (biiiig savings

Version 1.7:
	* compiles with -Xlint:all
	* fixed struct/nested struct creation
	* compile with -Os -O -Wall -Werror -g:none and strip
	* allow overloading methods by argument type
	* getJavaType bugfix from Antoine Perdaens
	* nulls in Variant fix from Antoine Perdaens
	* Variant parameter checking in <init>
	* CreateInterface now maintains order of parameters to signals

Version 1.6:

	* Custom serializable objects
	* Thread pool model
	* CreateInterfaces updated to handle new Structs, annotations, Signals etc

Version 1.5:
	* Remove static library dependency

Version 1.4:

	* provide call info to called methods
	* check for disconnections and throw
	* complete rewrite of Structs
	* add message send/receive debugging

Version 1.3:

	* Annotation and throws support
	* proper noreply support
	* asynchronous method call support
	* strip InternalErrorMessage reference from JNI

Version 1.2:

	* Make sure pending messages are sent on disconnect
	* Import of viewer application (Peter Cox <petercox -at- gawab -dot- com>)
	* Make CreateInterface usable in other apps.
	* Import extra functions that weren't documented into DBus.java
	* Implement throwing and catching of specific exception types

Version 1.1:

	* Fix connections to multiple busses
	* Allow connections by bus address
	* Stricter error checking in looking up connection object

Version 1.0:

	* 1.x is a java 1.5 version, 0.x is a java 1.4 version 
	* introspect on the root object
	* support for nested nodes in CreateInterface

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