[PATCH] do not call _dbus_warn_check_failed on checks

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Mon Nov 13 22:33:08 PST 2006

Daniel Stone wrote:
> I'm somewhat bemused (and rather depressed) that the upstream attitude
> is that D-Bus is a core component on exactly the same level as the
> kernel (this was one of the justifications for never being able to
> restart D-Bus)

This is a misunderstanding, btw. I was wondering if I said this, so went 
back and found this mail for example:

Which is consistent with my current opinion. You can restart dbus just 
fine. Just stop it and start it using the normal daemon-control scripts 
in your distribution. The init scripts that come in the dbus tarball 
support start and stop.

However, you are relying on every app and daemon using dbus to correctly 
handle reconnecting. I consider it very likely that at any given time 
some app or daemon will be buggy in this respect.

But it's only my opinion, you can try it all you like (and send patches 
to the authors of apps and daemons that break), certainly nothing in the 
"upstream attitude" is keeping you from doing so.


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