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Tue Nov 14 10:41:22 PST 2006

On Tuesday 14 November 2006 15:17, Gary Cramblitt wrote:

> 1.  The process that owns the object, i.e., the Bus Name.
> 2.  The object Path Name.
> 3.  (optionally) If the object has multiple interfaces, the Interface Name.
> In the case of AT-SPI there are a few methods in the API that can return
> hundreds of object references.  For example, the children() method returns
> all the child screen elements (widgets) of a parent.  For a web browser,
> this could be hundreds of elements.  I tend to think these are "edge" cases

If they are children of a component you already have access too, you will need 
only the relative path names. The receiver has the parent's path and can 
therefore construct any child path.

The connection name will also be the same as the parent's.

Assuming you don't need all children but just those which are containers 
themselves and those with content, one of the output parameters of children() 
could be a property map.
Something like
"visible" -> "true|false"
"hascontent" -> "true|false"
"haschildren" -> "true|false"

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