Issue with _dbus_write_socket on windows

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Thu Nov 16 23:04:49 PST 2006


Yesterday we found a problem with _dbus_write_socket() on windows. The comment to this function is:
 * Like _dbus_write(), but only supports sockets
 * and is thus available on Windows.

But I found no function to write a fd. Only unix has a function _dbus_write(), but it's not internal public (only declared in dbus-sysdeps-unix.h).
-> We need to move _dbus_write() to dbus-sysdeps.h/.c (no need for special win32 version afaics) and use this function in bus/bus.c:633 and other similar places to avoid crashes on windows.

Is my assumption correct or do I miss something here?


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