documentation and introspection

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Fri Nov 17 07:54:07 PST 2006

There was a thread a while back about adding more human- or
machine-readable documentation to the introspection format. Obviously we
can't change the introspection format now, but we ought to be able to
add tags with a new namespace. I suggest doc:.

This could be returned either on normal Introspect or a new Introdoc
call, that's not what I'd like to decide. I'd like to know what tags
people would like to see in the DTD.

I'd like a single-line description for each interface/method at least

I've prepared a sample introspection file with some in, and altered my
introspection XSLT to render it nicely with a description:

Also, I'd like that XSLT file to be 'official' somehow to give people a
nice easy way to document their DBus API (I can change how it looks
given comments), similar to JavaDoc and Docbook.


Matthew Johnson

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