PATCH: configure error when cross compiling dbus core 0.94

Marco Pracucci development at
Mon Nov 20 01:24:49 PST 2006

>> Hi,
>>    To cross-compiling the dbus 0.94 to arm-linux. I met the the same
>> problem which issued by pracucci.
>>    Using the patch from pracucci, the problem still exists.
> Without knowing exactly what exactly the patch is, what you did (all 
> steps) and what problem you found, there isn't much that we can do.
The patch adds some options to the config cache. When you cross compile,
there are some configure options that you should manually set in
config.cache file (enable config.cache file passing -C argument to
configure script).

For example, if you get an error like:

checking for abstract socket namespace...
error: cannot run test program while cross compiling

you should just add the following to you config.cache file

("yes/no" depends on you target system)

Please, next time try to understand the path before claiming that it
does not work.

Marco Pracucci

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